"Let’s wrap our hands around the Globe” - A vision given while on a Reiki Table in a class of veterans.

     By Rev. Reiki Master Alaya Chadwick, M.Div, MSW, CMTR .  


Lying on the Reiki table, 10 hands touching me, something I can only call “A Vision of World Peace” flowed into my mind’s eye. Unbidden, unsought, yet profound in its impact, I am compelled to share it. I invite you into a celebration of our global presence as Reiki Practitioners. I invite you to participate in a profound action.

These days it feels like some form of war is everywhere. And there seems to be frantic questing to “fix it” or “contain it” or etc. As a result of all wars, there are increasing numbers of soldiers becoming veterans. Many of those become war-torn and family members may quickly follow. “When one goes to war, we all go to war*.”

In the vision I had there was an embodied realization that “YES, there is Reiki in nearly every country of our planet. YES, there are soldiers and veterans and war-torn families in nearly every country on the globe. YES, there is a way!”

Then … in that inner silence of Reiki’s flow … an invitation was posed within my being:

“What if every Reiki Master sought to teach Reiki to every willing veteran? And what if every veteran Reiki Practitioner then touched as many other veterans as possible?
And what if every willing veteran became a Reiki Master? Teaching other veterans!
And what if those veterans began to teach other veterans … Until … Until … Veterans and Reiki practitioners embraced the globe in peace?”

A wave of pulsing energy spilled through my body as I felt tears of truth and possibility slide down my cheeks.

I saw the hands of Reiki holding the hands of the warriors of many countries, and together they held the world’s heart … until … peace was all that could unfold.

I am inviting all Reiki Masters and all Reiki Practitioners, in all countries to join in a quiet “Response to Global War.” Let us bring Reiki to all the warriors and their families, in all countries.

Our soldiers going to war are being “our hands.” They act on the behalf of their people.
They go in service of us, regardless of country, politics or views.

Let us, as Reiki hands, now be of service to them in return. Let hands that were trained to kill become hands that can heal.

Then, there will be veteran Reiki practitioners touching other veterans and veterans healing veterans and veterans teaching veterans. There will be a ripple of Reiki ‘round our war-torn world … until there must only be peace.

REV. & Reiki Master Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick, M.Div, MSW, CMTR
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