Introduction to Holes & (W)holeness: The Basic Model

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We all fall into “Life Holes” - those painful issues and wounds which interfere with feeling fully alive. These “holes” are where our personal psychology and our unique spirituality intersect in our daily lives. By learning the skills of (W)hole Spiraling, we can stop going around and around the same old issues and instead move into full connection to our radiance, our passion.

In (W)hole Shop 1, participants learn the secret of these life “holes” and the basics of The (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY™ over an intensive 2-day period. Students learn and practice the essential elements necessary for all personal transformation and healing work. In particular, students learn:

  • the different kinds of “holes”
  • the secret and power of “holes”
  • where “holes” come from
  • how “holes” run our lives
  • how we use management systems to avoid these life “holes”
  • the tools to reveal what’s in a “hole”
  • the “map” of a “hole”

In addition, students have many opportunities to work on their own life “holes.” With experienced and knowledgeable teachers and assistants, students are supported in

  • Diagramming their life “hole” using the “map”
  • Using the tools to reveal what is in their own unique “hole”
  • Discovering what is true and distorted about their “hole”
  • Uncovering their own personal management system for avoiding life “holes”
  • Reclaiming their own authority and power over their life

(W)hole Shop 1 is a self-contained experience. The entire Wisdom WAY™ method is revealed as well as all the tools necessary for each student to take this model and apply it in their own life at their own pace. The (W)hole Shops are not only informative, they are fun as well. A unique combination of visual imagery, toys, personal stories, lectures, and exercises creates an environment that feels safe and welcoming and one that encourages curiosity as well as laughter.

(W)hole Shop 1 is an experience that is profoundly transformative and empowering. While attending in person is encouraged and recommended, there are times and circumstances where this is not always possible for everyone. No pre-req.

Note: Level 1 is self-contained. Advanced Levels are optional.