Radiance – The exploration of sustainable wholeness, self-expression, and empowerment

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In (W)hole Shop 4, participants come to a moment of great celebration and a sense of worthiness. This is an advanced (W)hole Shop that builds upon the previous levels to deepen and enrich the understanding of our own personal self-expression and empowerment. Often referred to as “the desert” by participants, (W)hole Shop 4 takes all of the previous “hole” explorations into a felt experience of one’s own personal radiance.

In (W)hole Shop 4, participants explore their own unique self-expression over an intensive 2-day period. Students learn and practice additional tools for expressing their radiance out into the world. In particular, students learn:

  • how their radiance spirals outward into the world
  • the blessing of alchemical righteousness
  • how to embody transparency
  • the “magick” of the intersection of psychology and spirituality
  • what it is to be a radiant presence
  • how to shift from the personal to the impersonal

In addition, students have many opportunities to work on their own life “holes.” With experienced and knowledgeable teachers and assistants, students are supported in:

  • Identifying their personal rings of radiance
  • Revealing their personal map of radiant expression
  • Discovering their radiant presence song
  • Experiencing their own circle of life

(W)hole Shop 4 is an advanced level (W)hole Shop and cannot be taken without a student having first participated in (W)hole Shop 1-3. Like prior (W)hole Shops, (W)hole Shop 4 uses a unique combination of visual imagery, toys, personal stories, lectures, and exercises to create an environment that feels safe and welcoming and one that encourages curiosity as well as laughter.

(W)hole Shop 4 is a celebratory experience that is not to be missed.

Pre-req: (W)hole Shop Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3

18 NH-NASW-approved continuing education units (CEUs) available.

NOTE: Once a student has completed Levels 1-4 and has completed the Take Home Studies, they become eligible for certification in the Wisdom WAY model. As a Certified Radiance Master-Healer (CRM), you receive permission to use this model with other people on a one-to-one basis. This is not permission to teach groups (1+ persons), nor is it a license to practice psychotherapy. The (W)hole Point Institute certifies that the student has completed the 100+ hours of study in the "personal dimensions" of the (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY and has a complete and clear understanding of the map. This certification is often useful for those already working as healing practitioners.