The Essential Opposites—Being ready, willing, and able to fully awaken to life

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In (W)hole Shop 5, participants explore impersonal spiraling, the spiraling beyond “holes.” This is an advanced (W)hole Shop that builds upon the previous levels to deepen and enrich the understanding of our own personal self-expression and presence.

Participants also explore their own unique presence in the world over an intensive 2-day period. Students learn and practice additional tools for living in the present moment—alive and awake. In particular, students learn:

  • about impersonal spiraling
  • about the essential opposites
  • about the resistance to expansion
  • the anatomy of personal awakening
  • about manifestation

In addition, students have many opportunities to work on their own life “holes.” With experienced and knowledgeable teachers and assistants, students are supported in:

  • Identifying their “most precious self-expression”
  • Identifying what their transparent presence looks like
  • Discovering their passion
  • Experiencing authentic empowerment

(W)hole Shop 5 is an advanced level (W)hole Shop and cannot be taken without a student first participating in the previous levels. Like prior (W)hole Shops, (W)hole Shop 5 uses a unique combination of visual imagery, toys, personal stories, lectures, and exercises to create an environment that feels safe and welcoming and one that encourages curiosity as well as laughter.

(W)hole Shop 5 is a truly awakening experience that is not to be missed.

Pre-req: (W)hole Shop Levels 1-4