Name: SOAR

Purpose: Graduates of the WPI (W)hole Life Coaching Program gather to explore both:

  • their apprentice’s (w)Holes and
  • how these are a reflection of the (w)Holes of the WLC - for the purpose of supporting clear transparent intentional spiraling and presence between WLC and WLCa.

WLC-Mentors: Lisa Scally, Anne Suddy, Ellen Byrne, and Theresa Robertson.

Format: Meetings are held at The (W)hole Point Institute (virtual attendance is possible – must be coordinated by Mentors)


  • Completion of the WLCing program – level one as a minimum.
  • At least 1 (ideally 3 to 5) active Coaching Apprentices or completion of the Master Class (MC).
  • The decision to commit to your own spiraling.
  • CRM/QRM status within The Wisdom WAY training is also a minimum.

Each WLC is encouraged to complete all WS levels and the associated "take-homes" so as to earn the Wisdom Masters level of understanding.

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Individuals seeking to become a complete the (W)hole Life Coach-Basic course must:

  • be willing to not only learn the content, but also to live their (W)holeness in the world
  • complete the first 4 levels of The (W)hole Point Model of Empowerment/The Wisdom WAY and the Certified Radiance Master (CRM) process at minimum, ideally all 8 levels will be completed. Individuals wishing to do this may arrange one-on-one intensives to access the advanced levels if they are not being offered currently.
  • read the book: Wake Up To your (W)hole Life by Alaya Chadwick (available at the WPI or at
  • find a practice apprentice with whom to work throughout the course
  • commit to working with their own WLC to further their own (W)holeness and healing
  • complete the application and interview for acceptance into the program

Participation in the Advanced (W)hole Life Coaching program (WLC-P) for working with PAIRs is contingent upon successful completion of the WLC Basic training and permission of the instructors of the WLC-P.

Alaya Chadwick-Raymond, NH

Alaya ProfileAlaya is the founder and director of The (W)hole Point Institute, author of 4 books, and the creator of the art called (W)hole Life Coaching, based on the process of Intentional Spiraling.

With two advanced degrees and nearly 40 years of experience in the intersection of psychology and spirituality, she brings to her work with couples and individuals a depth of perception and skill that is nearly unmatched.  As the teacher of the WLCing two-year advanced training as well as being an active (W)hole Life Coach for both individuals (men and women) as well as PAIRs (couples of all sorts), Alaya’s depth of presence and creative empowerment skills are a gift to all who come to work with her.  Regardless of your geographical locations/travel, Alaya works using all possible web-based tools as well as offering live intensive meetings at “Sanctuary”, the land upon which The (W)hole Point Institute is built.
 More about Alaya:
  • Individual WLCing
  • PAIRing coaching
  • Specializing in the intersection of Spirituality & Psychology
  • Intensives of 3-6 hours per meeting are offered

Contact Alaya

 Anne Suddy-Merrimack, NH

anne_suddyAnne is considered a natural coach by many of her colleagues. She has been studying the (W)hole Point Wisdom Way since its first workshop in Sep 2001 and continues to study and apprentice with Alaya. Anne is credited with coining the phrase, "We fall in our Holes to find our (W)holeness so we can live a Holy life."

If you would like to find that place of Sanctity in your daily life, whether it be with your job, family member, or friends, let Anne facilitate the application of the Wisdom Way to find your spiritual center and watch your life change.

More about Anne:

  • (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
  • Certified Master Teacher of Radiance™ Level 7 (CMTR-7) of The Wisdom WAY™
  • Reiki Master of the Usui tradition

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Theresa Robertson-Manchester & Raymond, NH

Portrait 34x34Theresa has been studying and working with The Wisdom WAY model of empowerment for over 7 years (3000+ hours of direct study). The Wisdom WAY model showed Theresa doorways to empower others. This expression of her greatest loves. providing education, insight, and support to free others to live their authentic life. 

Theresa’s love of The Wisdom WAY includes her completion of the ART training (an advanced year-long training in embodied teachership) to empower her to teach to others. Trained as a (W)hole Life Coach (a 2-year in-depth training based on the Wisdom WAY) so she can work with individuals and couples. 

Additionally, she brings 34 years of experience in the human services field. This adds tremendous depth to her teaching and her coaching. Theresa is also the owner of LROL, a business of translating technology to make it accessible. Theresa’s gentle, compassionate, and humorous presence opens hearts, minds, and lives to the wonder of The Wisdom WAY.

More about Theresa:

  • (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
  • Certified Master Teacher of Radiance™ Level 1 (CMTR-1) of The Wisdom WAY™
  • Reiki Master of the Usui tradition

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Anna Simms-Baltimore, Maryland

Anna Simms Profile 2021
Born in VA, raised in the Chicago Area with a BA in Social Work and MA in Interpersonal Communications, Anna has been married to Steve since 1983, a mother of 3 and now Grandmother, with corporate career experience and the U.S. Senate.  Anna lives in Avalon, NJ for warm weather months, and has also lived internationally.

Anna began her personal & professional journey with The (W)hole Point Institute in 2010. Thousands of hours of consistent, deep, and sound mentored Coaching, Coursework, and Training with Alaya Chadwick and WPI faculty, Anna is a well-equipped Certified (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals and PAIRs (People Activating Intimate Relating), Radiance Teacher, and Reiki Master.

s based on her (W)hole Life Experience & the Map, Method, and Means of The Wisdom Way, wherein Psychology and Spiritual beliefs intersect.  This “POINT” of Intersection is what Anna found most attractive, powerful, and Important about studying with The Whole Point Institute; regarding the Wisdom Way a gentle, accelerated approach to Making Sense of One’s Life, answering proverbial questions, such as, “How did I Get Here…. AGAIN?” and “What is the Truth of My Life?”

Coaching Sessions are now conducted virtually while maintaining a Creative Interactive Approach with comprehensive use of WPI resources, images, and a vast collection of toys for a “fun” way to deal with tough topics.  Each session with Anna is a mini (w)hole-shop in Celebration and Elevation of Individuals & PAIRS who are Ready, Willing, and Able to Say Yes towards Possibilities for Reflection, and a Grace-filled WAY of Being in Life & Relationship

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Marshall Wilensky - Sanford, NC

Marshall Wilensky began his intense study of The Wisdom WAY™ with the men's-only (W)hole Shop 1 in March 2012, just three months after his first wife died.  (W)hole Shops 3 and 4 were instrumental in helping him move beyond his grieving and ready himself for the next seasons of his life.  He has taken (W)hole Shops 1 through 7 (some more than once) and is eagerly awaiting (W)hole Shop 8.  Marshall continues to study The Wisdom WAY in the more advanced classes including Being the EYE (I) of the Storm, Black Swan Arising, and others.

Marshall completed both of the year-long (W)hole Life Coaching (WLC) programs and can coach individuals and PAIRs™ (People Activating Intimate Relating).  Having completed the year-long Apprentice Radiance Teacher (ART) program, Marshall can teach (W)hole Shop 1 which he has done twice.

Marshall's career in Information Technology included programming, system management, network administration, technical writing, consulting, training, course development, and customer support.  He and his first wife, Candace Leiden, wrote "TCP/IP For Dummies".  It was all non-emotional, head-centered work without real interpersonal relationships.  The Wisdom Way helped Marshall transition to a heart-centered and relational way of life.

Marshall and his second wife, Allison, moved from MA to NC in 2016 where he is expanding his (W)hole Life Coaching and teaching practice to help take The Wisdom WAY to the wider world.

More about Marshall:

    (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC

    Certified Master Teacher of Radiance™ Level 1 (CMTR-1) of The Wisdom WAY™

    Reiki Master of the Usui tradition

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Marianne DiBlasi-Winchester, MA

marianne_diblasiMarianne DiBlasi is the founder and president of Disability Visibility, a (W)hole Life Coaching and consulting company that encourages open and candid conversations to expand possibilities of how to be in a relationship with disability in a more positive and empowering way.

Marianne offers guidance to individuals and PAIRs (couples, parent/child, etc) who are navigating the emotional, social, and relationship challenges present when lives are touched by disability or illness. She helps them reveal their own unique path of awakening to their true (W)holeness and being more fully alive. As a Consultant, she assists organizations in becoming more culturally competent by providing disability sensitivity and communication training to build bridges between disabled and non-disabled communities.

On the personal side, Marianne was born with a disability, Spina Bifida. She uses crutches to walk, and recently purchased a wheelchair, giving her even more freedom. Marianne uses her life experiences to bring deep compassion and insight to her coaching, teaching and consulting.

More about Marianne's :

  • (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
  • Certified Master Teacher of Radiance™ Level 1 (CMTR-1) of The Wisdom WAY™
  • Integral Life Coach through New Ventures West
  • Reiki Master of the Usui tradition

If you are curious and considering if (W)hole Life Coaching is for you, Marianne offers a complimentary 30-minute conversation to discuss your unique situation and explore possibilities.

Contact Marianne

Rochelle Mausteller-Watsontown, PA

rochelle_maustellerThe first thing you will notice about Rochelle is her warm inviting presence. As a coach, Rochelle creates an atmosphere where everyone is welcome. She has been a professional working in the business community for the past 30 years in various accounting/information technology positions. As the mother of two young adult children, she is well-practiced in offering direction and allowing the freedom to choose. Her open-hearted embrace creates a safe space for you to explore yourself.

More about Rochelle:

  • (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
  • Certified Master Teacher of Radiance™ Level 1 (CMTR-1) of The Wisdom WAY™
  • Reiki Master of the Usui tradition
  • Accredited Facilitator for the Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship
  • Mother of Kate & Cole
  • Treasurer for Keystone Quarter Horse Association

Contact Rochelle

Mary Ellen Nicholls-Bow, NH

mary_ellen_nicholls Mary Ellen Nicholls, as a (W)hole Life Coach, offers guidance to individuals and pairs who are seeking to expand possibilities in their emotional and relational realms. We all have our own unique path of awakening to our (w)holeness. Mary Ellen recognizes and supports each pathway to being fully alive and awake.

Mary Ellen's background includes a master's degree in social work (MSW), as well as 27 years in the field of helping folks find their wholeness and activate their fullest expressions. She particularly enjoys working with adults (individuals and couples/PAIRs) who are committed to integrating their spirituality with a grounded life expression. She is unique in that she has an intuitive gift of "knowing just what's up" and offering her apprentices pathways to their own (W)holeness.

Rare in the field of coaching is the combination of traditional training and experience in the field of social work blended with the potent depth of understanding gained from over two years of study in The Wisdom WAY's model of empowerment and awakening. Mary Ellen continues to study both in a group format as well as one-on-one personal apprenticeship so as to continue to deepen her healing presence and all that brings to those choosing her as their (W)hole Life Coach.

More about Mary Ellen:

  • (W)hole Life Coach for Individuals & PAIRs™ through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC
  • Certified Radinace Master Healer in The Wisdom WAY™
  • Certified Holographic Memory Practitioner

Contact Mary Ellen

Disclaimer: WPI certifies that each coach listed above has completed the (W)hole Life Coach training/educational series offered by The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC (WPI). Coaches operate completely independently of WPI and are not employees of WPI. WPI is not responsible/liable for coaching choices and practices utilized by independent coaches.