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Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship - Waves

Cost: $2,000(ind)
$1,800 (grp)
WGMs discount available

The Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship is based on materials channeled by Lesley Michaels from Yeshua. Alaya was the first person to be given permission by Lesley to teach this material while she continues to offer this program with great dedication and enthusiasm in the US as well as South America, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain.

Apprentices examine an element of the Divine Feminine and an element of dissolution is named. Each of these classes is called a “Wave.” The information and content of each “Wave” is only one of the aspects of this apprenticeship. Between each “Wave,” apprentices are given spiritual practices to deepen their personal experience of the material and to awaken the Divinity within in particular.

This is not a form of psychotherapy, but a potent and powerful form of spiritual awakening that permeates the entirety of each individual participant. Additionally, this material shakes hands, so to speak, with The Wisdom WAY material to offer a holographic viewpoint and experiential transformation.

Waves can be taken in one of 2 ways:

  1. Individual—this apprenticeship is an individual, 1-hour teleclass once a month for 12 months scheduled according to the apprentice’s and Alaya’s schedules. Apprentices will have access to the recorded version of their class to review before the next Wave.
  2. Tidal Waves—the format for this apprenticeship is twice a month for 6 months via a 1.5-hour group teleclass. The teleclasses meet in the evening starting between 5:30 or 6:00. All teleclasses are recorded, and the recorded version is available for all apprentices to review on their own between Waves.

To apply for an apprenticeship, go to the Application Forms section for an application.