Alaya offers therapy for couples who are interested in resolving their intimacy issues with the help of a “third party.” The term “couple” refers to 2 people who are seeking to deepen their relational connection. Regardless of age, sexual orientation, degree of legal commitment to one another, distance from “Sanctuary,” etc, Alaya’s capacity to empower relational healing and awakening is potent and immediate.

This form of therapy is offered in the typical pattern of meeting for 2-hour sessions with the frequency varying with the couples’ needs and is designed to respond to situations that are not immediately urgent and can be tended to overtime.

Alaya's unique use of these various advanced counseling modalities, along with her very frank and direct approach to couple's work, rapidly shifts couples into a position of clarity and self-honesty. When the individuals in a relationship identify the actual problems in the intimacy field (the space between two people), solutions begin to quickly emerge. Only then can different choices and new behaviors become available for each person in the partnership.

Imago Couples Therapy

Alaya is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (IRT) offering Imago Relationship Therapy to couples around the country. Certification in the Imago model requires over 100+ hours of study and live supervision, a process Alaya completed over 15+ years ago. Since then, Alaya has dedicated over half of her practice to enabling couples to move into conscious loving.

Couples Intensive Consultations (CIC)

For those in a more urgent situation, in need of extensive therapeutic intervention, or seeking highly concentrated work to move quickly through difficult or painful issues or to seek resolution to a current relational "crisis," Alaya has also developed a Couples Intensive Consultations (CIC) program.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the above.

Specialized Couples Options