The (W)hole Point Institute offers a number of experiential training programs for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of The Wisdom WAY and/or use this approach with individuals or groups. Permission to do either is based upon the completion of certain levels of the The Wisdom WAY in its entirety.

Acceptance into any training program(s) is granted by Alaya and the instructors based on the applicant’s readiness.

Certified Radiance Master-Healer (CRM) Training  

In order to use The Wisdom WAY in 1-on-1 situations, an individual must complete the first 4 levels of The Wisdom WAY and the associated “take-home” materials, as well as demonstrate their competency to work in the fluid embodied manner required to Intentional Spiral another’s (w)Hole with integrity and transparency.

Completion of this training requires a minimum of 1 year and typically takes 2 years. Those who have met this standard are then granted permission to use this approach with their clientele.

Cost: $550
WGM Discount available
Contact WPI for registration info.

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Note: The (W)hole Point Institute is not responsible for any actions or lack of actions taken by/of CRMs (certified radiance master-healers) and is only able to recognize that they have completed the training required. This is also not a form of psychotherapy and does not replace traditional approaches.

Certified Master Teacher of Radiance (CMTR) Training

Cost: $3000
Download and return the application and
WGMs discount available

To be able to teach the Wisdom WAY to groups requires the completion of the Apprentice Radiance Teacher Program (ART), a year long program above the CRM process, as well as the completion of a “live final” and the approval of The (W)hole Point Institute.

The standards for teaching The Wisdom WAY require the instructor to both know the materials and be able to embody them in their lives as well as in front of a class. The ART process combines material study, classroom experience, and preparation with Mentors to insure apprentices meet these standards.

Application to the ART program requires both verbal and written application. The ART program occurs as the students gather and is not necessarily offered every year. Download the application.

Note: The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC, is not responsible for the instructors nor for their form of presentation. The WPI can only acknowledge that the instructor has completed the prescribed series of experiential programs.