Founded in 2001, the (W)hole Point Institute, LLC (WPI), was created to support the development and exploration of The (W)hole Point Wisdom WAY™. Since that time, WPI has expanded its mission to offer individuals, couples, and partners of all types a wide range of self-development experiences, seminars, workshops; healing opportunities; and empowerment training programs. These practicum take many forms; however, they are all rooted deeply within the orientations of The Wisdom WAY.

Formats of presentation are both experiential and educational and are offered in group and/or 1-on-1 settings either face-to-face or by phone. Personal “intensives” with Alaya directly may be arranged for PAIRs (couples) or individuals.

Additionally, Alaya and the senior Mentors of WPI offer intensive apprenticeship programs involving in-depth study within the context of long-term commitment and profound personal exploration using The Wisdom WAY. These apprenticeships are designed between the Mentor and the Apprentice.

In addition, WPI hosts teachers, trainers, and healers who have developed their own modalities, which support the essential “point” of awakening (W)holeness now and in particular.

"Once upon a time...and is still true today." ~ Alaya Chadwick

 Storytelling reminds us all that the "child within" is nourished most deeply in community where our tales are told and heard, in an atmosphere of love and delight.

This is a growing, global phenomenon capturing attention and hearts round the world. The art, gift, and fun of Storytelling is an experience not to be missed!

Whether around your dining room table or in more formal Storytelling settings, “Telling” is a dance between listeners and tellers, both of equal importance. The secret: we are always both.

...there was a storyteller named Alaya...

She just loves to spin a tale. A Teller of 40 years experience and a published author of a book of her original fables, Alaya delights in reaching into hearts and minds with inspiration and laughter. This alive and vibrant Teller, who weaves the threads of her fables with the finesse of a maestro conducting a symphony, story time with Alaya is not to be missed. For more information about Alaya's storytelling, visit the National Storytelling Network.

Alaya is available for onsite telling for your school, church, and even in your business. For information on rates and arrangements, contact Alaya directly.

...who offered storytelling experiences for all...

We at the (W)hole Point Institute invite you to weave storytelling into your evening, your meals, and your daily life and major events. Story telling is not restricted to Alaya. It is a form of community building that's as old as time.

Upon request and when her time permits, Alaya does travel to offer Story Telling eventsl. For further information, contact Alaya directly.

Don't wait for Alaya-cherish the stories you tell and the stories you listen to. The fabric of stories shared weaves the fabric of community.

...and other storytelling resources

The International Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, draws thousands of folks from around the world to share in the magic of the universal language of tales, myths, legends, and fables. A sensual immersion for body, mind, heart, and soul, this festival is open to anyone who loves stories. Visit the International Storytelling Center for more information.

A World of Storytelling – A 24/7 internet radio station on sharing tales from around the world told by the authors themselves. Over 4,500 listeners from 101 countries currently access this continuous storytelling resource for pleasure, inspiration, and hope. If you happen to listen in at the right time, you just might hear Alaya sharing one of her original fables. Listen here

If you're interested in more, as either a listener or Teller, visit the National Storytelling Network.


  • (W)hole Life Coaching

    (W)hole Life Coaching™ is a trademarked name for a particular type of coaching approach. It is a form of focused support which is dedicated to elevate, celebrate, and empower the apprentice (client). The person engaged in the exploration of their (W)holeness is referred to as an "apprentice," and the (W)hole Life Coach (WLC) acts as mentor, guide, and witness as the apprentice unveils their own (W)holeness.

    Although there are many forms of coaching now available, WLCing is unique in 3 particular ways:

    1. WLCing encompasses the entirety of a person's life and explores all 8 areas, or "Arenas of Play" (AOP), of one's life. These areas of one's life range from body concerns to relationship concerns to spiritual issues; however, they may also be a blend of any life situation that a person is encountering. As the coaching process unfolds, the weaving of all elements of a person's life expands into a focus of (W)holeness, and the coaching shifts to encompass the apprentice's full range of life expressions, leaving the apprentice with a true embrace of their (W)hole Selves.
    2. The foundational premise of WLCing is: "One cannot take someone else where they have not, first, gone themselves." Therefore, those who have earned the right to call themselves (W)hole Life Coaches have undergone a very rigorous, intense training and initiation into both the art of coaching itself and into the depths of their own (W)hole lives. Thus, for individuals truly wanting to engage in coaching designed to empower their entire life, WLCing is an approach which meets this intent, and the WLC has been deeply prepared to serve in this way.
    3. WLCing is rooted in a unique map, method, and means for awakening one's own (W)holeness, called The Wisdom WAY, which offers practical, usable, transformative methods for psychological and spiritual exploration to reveal one's (W)holenss to oneself.

    A "(W)hole Life Coach" has studied for a minimum of 2 years, engaged in a significant amount of their own self development, continues to be in on-going WLCing consultation, so as to maintain personal clarity, and has met a rigorous standard set forth by The (W)hole Point Institute.

    WLCing is based and rooted in solid psychological orientations expressed through The Wisdom WAY. This approach locates all transformation at the intersection point of psychology, spirituality, and the body. (W)hole Life Coaching occurs at, in, and within this intersection point.

    WLCing is for those who "really want to move" in their own life path. WLCing is also for people in relationships of all sorts. WLCing is a perfect invitation for people who want to activate a deep and profound intimacy between themselves and others. Resting upon The Wisdom WAY and the Wisdom Dialogue processes, as well as a psycho-spiritual educational approach, PAIRs of all sorts (partners, parents and children, boss and employees, etc) come together with their WLC to ripen into their own intimacy. We need skills and know-how to be intimate with others. These skills are rarely taught. In WLCing, not only are skills taught but the intimacy invitation offered between two people is revealed and activated.

    WLCes are intending to "get themselves out of a job" and empower the apprentice to be their own effective life-coach.

    WLCing is all about a fit between the apprentice and the WLC. There are a number of WLCes who have completed the training offered through The (W)hole Point Institute. Meet some of them here.

    NOTE: Anyone naming themselves as a WLC is not indicating in anyway that they have been trained as a psychotherapist, therapist, psychologist , etc. WLCing is considered to be an alternative, holistic, integrative approach. (W)hole Life Coaching is not psychotherapy and should not be considered a replacement for psychotherapy or any other traditional psychological treatment modality.

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  • Ministers of Radiance (MoRe)

    “Spirit on the Move”

    When your pastor wants or needs to be away from the pulpit, we are the solution!

    Pastors are people, too! For a variety of reasons, these spiritual leaders may need to take a break from their parish responsibilities; (i.e. vacations, leaves of absence, personal renewal days, etc). Often, it's a challenge to find a replacement who can bring spirit alive during their absence.

    Now, via The (W)hole Point Institute LLC, a group of ordained ministers of various traditions, who do not have their own congregations, have formed Ministers of Radiance, or MoRe, to make avialable substitutes in a pastor's absence.

    Our History:

    In August 2011, a Board of Deacons affiliated with a church in Maine required a minister to conduct the Sunday services for the weeks of their Pastor’s vacation. At their request, 3 of us journeyed to that congregation to offer a service full of spirit, joy, stories, and song. Following this experience, that was so much fun and so very successful, we decided to offer this service on a broader scale. Hence, Ministers of Radiance, or MoRe, was born to offer "Spirit on the Move."

    About the Ministers:

    All ministers in this group are graduates of The Wisdom WAY™ training, entailing over 400 hours of intense study, offered through The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC, as well as graduates of the (W)hole Life Coaching program, a 2-year training program. In addition to their own personal ordination journey, each Pastor is deeply committed to sharing, celebrating, and elevating the Radiance and (W)holeness of all people. Based on the intersection of spirituality and psychology, the Wisdom WAY is completely aligned with the religious teaching: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the essential message the “Ministers of Radiance” can, and are willing to, share with your congregation.

    The Wisdom WAY is not a religion in itself. It is a philosophical & spiritual orientation, offering a “how to” method of loving oneself & ones neighbor. Practicality and fun weave through the presentations, and the core teaching of all sermons is love; love for yourself and love for each other. MoRe uses stories, and sometimes even a few toys, to bring alive their one message: Love yourself so that you can authentically love your neighbor.

    Notes: Any particular liturgical requests from the “minister-on-leave” or participation by the congregation (i.e. chorus, organist, musicians) are always honored. MoRe is coordinated through The (W)hole Point Institute, for convenience only. You may reach MoRe by contacting Anne Suddy or Sanctuary directly.

  • The Wisdom WAY™: The Universal Story

    The Wisdom WAY is a map, a method, and a means to profound personal, communal, and global healing that is, at its essence, the skeleton or framework found inside most healing modalities, including most conventional therapies and alternative practices. Its existence and essence reveals our Universal Story and stimulates the awakening wholeness of whomever chooses to engage in this new frontier.

    It is based on the premise that only at the point where our psychology intersects with our spirituality, where our humanity and our divinity converge, where our humanness and our spiritual natures merge in our awareness, can embodied (W)holeness occur. It is only at this point, this space-place, where individuals can awaken.

    The wisdom of this approach is that it offers a simple, practical, and profound process, particular to each of us yet universal in its applicability, for individuals, couples, and organizations to immediately focus healing, awakening, and alignment efforts on all levels of being (emotional, physical, and spiritual), in our own lives and our communities.

    The Wisdom WAY is taught in a series of classes or workshops, called (W)hole Shops, beginning with the foundational learnings in Level 1 and continuing in higher levels to reveal deeper and more profound knowledge of ourselves as individuals and members of the universal community. Each level is built on the preceeding level and can be considered a “completetion point” should a student decide not to continue further.

    See our calendar for upcoming (W)hole Shops.

    Its existence and essence reveals our Universal Story.

  • PAIRing

    People Activating Intimate Relating™ (PAIR) refers to the process of deepening intimate skills between one person and any other person. PAIRing is an invitation offered whenever any 2 people are engaged in an interaction. It does not just happen between the most “intimate” friends, or spouses, or parents and children. It happens between a boss and an employee, between strangers, between anyone. In every interaction, regardless of the type of relationship, we are revealing something of ourselves and thus PAIRing.

    The PAIRing space, the space between any 2 people in an interaction, is where many challenges arise. The more we know about the landscape of PAIRing, the greater steadiness we may offer ourselves in those moments of challenge.

    WPI offers a series of 1-2 day intensive seminars directed at exploring the various aspects and relationship skills of PAIRing. The series includes:

    PAIRs and singles of all types are welcome. Whether friends, business or life partners, family relations, or any other type of PAIR, participants will learn the basic tools and skills to practice and ripen relationships to whatever levels of intimacy they desire.

    It is strongly suggested, though not required, that participants familiarize themselves with the The Wisdom WAY. Although independent of The Wisdom WAY, the PAIRing seminars rest upon the approach, language, and orientation embedded in the wisdom of The Wisdom WAY map.

    Those wishing to become familiar with The Wisdom WAY prior to a PAIRing seminar may do so in any of the following ways:

    Change the world-activate your relationship spaces with PAIRing consciousness and empowerment.

  • Wisdom Grace Mystery "school"

    Around the globe, spiritual gatherings are occurring in greater and greater numbers. There is a wave of hunger to be life in the eternal now, to be awake in one’s daily living, and to awaken as one self as never before.

    Defining a “school” as a cluster of experiences designed to facilitate transformation, learning, and awakening, a Mystery “school” clusters particular experiences designed for the explicit purpose of revealing the mysteries of being truth. The point of a Mystery “school” is not the invention of new mysteries, but rather the revelation, realization, and actual embodiment, in particular, of “I AM,” the great mystery of the ages.

    Additonally, a Mystery "school" is:

    A "space – place" in which a student is
    invited into awareness
    of divinity,
    of soul,
    of (W)holeness,
    of SELF.
    AND by saying "YES"-deeply- to the embrace of Truth,
    the student awakens:
    IS, consciously, ONE – Melting into SELF.
    Upon the RE-turn to the market place,
    their very breath, footsteps, & touch
    are SOUL Sanctuaries
    of healing, transformation & RE-BE-ing.

    The Wisdom Grace Mystery “school” is a personalized, integrative, in-depth experience that weaves together all that the student brings in their psychology, spirituality, and body together with the transformative process of “meeting oneself” by choice in a moment-by-moment experiential encounter, the prime focus being to support the full embodiment of the “I AM” mystery.

    Its learning experiences are founded upon and grounded in The Wisdom WAY, a psycho-spiritual structure that opens students’ hearts and minds and establishes a platform from which they know their true place in the universe.

    Each apprentice is supported in their own pace, manner, and approach to answering the urgent question of our time... who am I?

    Want more info? Download the Wisdom Grace Mystery "school" Philosophy.

    Study in the WGM “school” includes an Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship (or Waves), a Mary Magdelene Apprenticeship, and the attunement to Reiki.

    If you are interested in applying to the WGM “school,” please download an application form here.